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Are Payments Secure?

RudelynsSariSaristore.com checkout process uses PayPal, one of the most accepted payment solutions on the web. Because of this, Rudelynssarisaristore.com has the same payment protection as PayPal.com. *Do not have a PayPal account? No problem, you can still pay with your card through PayPal as a guest.

And here is the good thing, if you don't like to sign up in Paypal or to be a member of Paypal, you can still use Paypal's secure server. How?  So, when you enter any personal credit card/debit information, you will be transferred to PayPal's secure servers. RudelynsSariSaristore.com will NEVER obtain or have access to your financial information.

Rudelyn's sarisari store.com also used legit STRIPE.COM to accepts payments via debit or credit cards. Rudelynssarisaristore will NEVER obtain or have NO access to  your financial information.

OR YOU CAN PAY YOUR ORDERS VIA FACEBOOK. I accept Facebook payment or VENMO. Please contact me.



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Welcome to RudelynsSariSaristore.com(RSS). My name is Rudelyn, owner of Rudelynssarisaristore.com. My friends call me Lyn and I like to be called that way. I am a Filipina,  but currently living here in Texas, USA. I am a Mom of two and a wife of a loving, handsome man. While, I home school my kids, I manage my online business. Please contact me if you have any questions or troubles with your order. Thank you for shopping at my store. 

I am not ashamed to say I am a believer of Christ. I  am not perfect. I have many flaws but I believe that God will perfect me someday. To know more about me, you can visit me in my blogsite:LYN PENCE DIARY

I am sorry if I don't allow customer to call me because I cannot hear very well.  I created a collections of beautiful earrings for women who is impaired like me. You want to check my beautiful earrings: here is the link:). 



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