Welcome to Rudelynssarisaristore.com. Our store is located here in United States of America. When I started selling online, I started as SariasKnitNCrochet in Etsy. I was selling various crochet and knitted handmade items before. Later on, we decided to separate from Etsy and created our main domain via GoDaddy.com. As of now, I am selling handmade, DIY handmade crafts supplies and ready made products in our main site Rudelynssarisaristore.com.

What is sarisari means? Sari sari is a Filipino word means varieties. Our store sells varieties of bags, clothing,  handmade crafts supplies and products that you might love. Some other products needs more processing time than other products. Please take note of the availability or processing of each products.

Recently, we decided that we are going to share our own experience with our own products to give you idea of what you are buying. We decided to create a mini-blogs inside our main domain store for easy access. As others say, "patronize your own product". Here is the link: OUR MINI BLOG SPOT.

For any questions please CONTACT US.
Enjoy shopping in our store.

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