• Bridal Pearl Bracelets 100% White Pearls Bracelets for Beautiful Brides


    Affordable bridal pearl bracelets, white in color for beautiful brides.

    Product : bracelets

    Pearl Size: 7-8mm
    Color: white
    Luster: strong
    Shape: nearly round/oblong
    Pearl shape: irregular shape
    Special Feature: no defect
    Materials: 100% freshwater pearls,925 Sterling Silver
    USES: anniversary gift,bridal necklace,birthday gift,fashion,everyday use


    Bracelet Length: 16cm

    How to determine a REAL GENUINE PEARL.
    Fake Pearl:
    1.big round, perfectly round
    2. surface too smooth
    3. the whole pearl luster the same
    4 tooth test: too slippery

    Genuine Pearl:
    1. surface not quite smooth
    2. different pearl luster
    3. tooth test feels like sand
    4. imperfect shape, some nearly perfect round

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