• Brown Overcoat Princess Winter Leopard Prints Jacket Coats for Toddler Girls

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    Super cute leopard jacket for little Princess with a big lapel collar. Shut out the cold with our leopard fantasy padded thick parka jackets with out hood with big lapel for little girls.  When those chilly northern winds come howling in you'll be glad she's safe and warm in this leopard jacket. Super soft in texture. This is a thick leopard jacket and super soft in texture as well.

    Material: wool blend
    Pattern: Animal Print
    Hood: NO Hood
    Thickness: Regular thick
    Sleeve Length: Long sleeve
    Lining: cotton padded
    Special features: Laces,big buttons,big lapel

    9/12mos-(Suggested Height 73-80cm)length:38.5cm Sleeve length:29cm  Bust: 29x2
    12/24mos-(Suggested Height 85cm)length:39.5cm Sleeve length:30cm  Bust: 30x2
    1T/2T-(Suggested Height 90cm)length:41.5cm Sleeve length:31cm  Bust: 31x2
    2T/3T-(Suggested Height 95cm)length: 42.5cm Sleeve length:32cm  Bust: 32x2
    3T/4T-(Suggested Height 100cm)length: 44cm Sleeve length:32cm  Bust: 33x2

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