• Perfect for Extreme Winter Knitted Hat with Nickerchief Scarf for Teen Girls and Women Cabled Brown Hats with Pompom


    Highly recommended knitted, cabled winter hat with an attached neckerchief. Made of padded cotton and acrylic and is highly stretchable in order to allow easy use of this winter accessory. Perfect to protect your love ones from extreme cold outside. This fits teen girls and adult women.

    Product: hats

    Color: multi-colored
    Material: acrylic,cotton
    Item Length: 43"
    Item Width:  24"
    Use: winter, autumn, spring hats and scarf
    Note: the neckwarmer is attached to the hat. The only opening is the eye-opening. BUT, an opening is highly stretchable in order to protect your nose, sinus and your mouth from the extrem cold.

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